Camping and Hiking Backpacks

If you are one that enjoys the great outdoors by hiking or maybe camping, you should also get the most of your outings by being well-equipped and also well prepared. By having all of the right gear with you the camping or hiking trip will be that much more enjoyable, and safe.

By having a suitable pack that is designed to carry everything that you need, you not only have more fun, but in some cases you can prevent a minor mishap or injury from becoming something much more serious.

There is a huge assortment of packs to choose from, depending on the duration of your adventure, and even how far from the nearest help that you will be camping or hiking from. For some, just for a few hours hike, a small fanny pack might suffice, but if you are planning a longer hike, or a camping trip, your needs will obviously be different.

For those longer trips not only is the backpack that you select important, but what you pack will make all the difference too. There have been too many simple one day hikes into the mountains that have turned to tragedy, even resulting in death only because the hikers failed to pack proper clothing, and a little food. Just because it may be warm at the foot of the mountains when you set out on the hike, be prepared for much colder temperatures as you climb, and especially if you should become lost and have to endure the low temperatures as night comes.

An adequate backpack should carry everything you’ll need without having to force things. If you’re not experienced in preparing a backpack for the outing, get someone with more experience to go with you. Simply throwing some food and a sleeping bag into your backpack isn’t enough, you need to know exactly what to take, and also how to pack it.

The terrain and area of the country in which you will be hiking or camping will also dictate, to some extent, what you will need to take with you. Do plenty of research before you set out on your journey. There’s nothing worse than finding out after you’re in the woods that the batteries in your flashlight are nearly dead, and you don’t have any extras.

Also, there are different types of backpacks, whether it be an internal or external frame, capacity and so forth. Again, it’s best to get advice from an experienced hiker/camper to help you make your selection. Even after you have a proper pack, and even know what you should be taking, packing your backpack is also very important. When carrying a fully-loaded pack, potentially for miles, you want to make it as comfortable as possible.

This is meant to point out that you need to take hiking and camping very seriously. A good hiking or camping trip can be some of the most fun that you can have, but when you fail to prepare properly and leave the necessaries at home, what could have been an enjoyable outing could also result in a bad memory, or worse.

Remember, before selecting a camping or hiking backpack, read, talk to experienced hikers or campers or enlist the help of someone knowledgeable on the subject before you decide on exactly which backpack is right for you. By choosing the right backpack, and knowing what, and how to pack your gear, you’ve given yourself the best chance of a successful outing from the start.

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