What to Look For in Hiking Tents and Hiking

The activity of hiking conjures up a different image in each individuals mind. Some might picture taking a leisurely stroll though a nearby park or designated wildlife preserve on well-maintained or even paved trails.

Some think of hoisting their backpacks over their shoulders and spending an entire day or an overnight, using some pre-existing dirt trails or creating their own new trails. Some might envision themselves loading up their car or SUV with hiking tents, backpacks, portable cooking devices and whatever else they think they might need to survive a multi-day trek in the wilderness.

Regardless of the hiking situation and environment, hiking backpacks are essential in order to conveniently bring along necessary equipment, water, food and other preparedness items.

There are many varieties of hiking backpacks out there, so one should become familiar with them to best choose the one that’s going to fit his or her specific needs. Some of the features to consider are internal or external frames, maximum carrying capacity, overall weight of the backpack when not loaded, and whether or not the backpack is designed to stay near or further away from the persons back.

Some of the many reputable manufacturers to check out when shopping around for the best backpacks are Mountainsmith, Chinook and Stansport. Some manufacturers that offer hiking tents are Eureka, Swiss Gear and Stansport.

Tents can be used to keep nasty weather, annoying bugs and even potentially dangerous predators away. When selecting a tent, what a person first needs to decide is, what is his or her backpacking style. Adventure hiking and backpacking off the grid and in the wilderness will require tents which provide a comfortable balance between weight and packing capacity. Most outdoor and online camping gear retailers offer a wide variety of hiking tents, from the minimalist and ultralight to the lightweight and deluxe models.

Most backpacking and hiking experts would agree that no matter which hiking tents, backpacks or other hiking gear you decide to bring along into the backcountry, the most important item is your brain. In other words, be prepared for any weather conditions and emergency situations which you think you might encounter.

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